About Animal Dinner Lady

My name is Catherine Fitzgerald. I have spent most of my working life caring for animals. I was born in Southern Ireland and started my career in a kennels. I came to England in 1967 and continued my work with animals working for a vet in Chester. I moved to Southern England in 1975 where I worked as a veterinary nurse before joining one of Britain's top animal charities managing an animal welfare centre for 17 years.

Having seen how stressed pets can become in a kennel or cattery environment resulting in short term nervousness, lack of appetite and infection I decided I could offer pet owner's a safe, comfortable alternative. Having the knowledge and many years of professional experience caring for domestic animals, I can offer single or multi-pet households a pet feeding,cleaning and dog walking service. The service will be personal and provided in the pet owners home - one or two visits a day to your home as required. The service is offered for any type of pets - Dogs, Cats, Rodents, Birds, Reptiles, Rabbits and Fish.

Great Dane
Animal Dinner Lady